Tuesday, 26 April 2011

V is for Vitality; how to get your energy right

Robert Thayer writes about vitality and how to get it in his book CALM ENERGY: How People Regulate Mood With Food And Exercise. He discusses the type of meals you can eat and exercise you can take in order to regulate your moods and keep control of your energy. 

But the most interesting element of the book to me is the definition of ‘Calm energy’ itself. 

When we hear about something energetic or someone high in vitality, we often picture an explosive character, a bundle of energy and a sparky force to be reckoned with. Who can you think of that matches that description? We probably all know someone who’s just a little bit high on life.

On the other hand when we think of someone calm we imagine a person who’s quite lethargic or someone ‘so laid back they’re practically horizontal’ as the colloquial saying goes. Recognise that?

And which would you say is more preferable? To be bouncing off the walls or practically asleep?

Obviously there’s a happy medium to be achieved, as with all good theories. Thayer describes calm energy as a perfect concoction of calmness (i.e. lack of tension) and energy (i.e. ability to get up and go). Calm energy is therefore the ethereal, brilliant balance of vitality that we should all be striving for. 

So how do we get it?

  1. Firstly, get your energy right.

    I am, have always been, and have no doubt always will be, a total sucker for chocolate and all things sweet. I realise this isn’t the healthiest way to live and if I want to keep strong into old age, I need to mend my ways. So I’m on a mission to get healthier. 

    The advice? You’ve heard it all before: Eat regularly, healthily, and exercise whenever you can. The good news? It’s that simple.

  2. Secondly, reduce tension and stress in your life.

    What do you love doing? Is it reading? Spending time with friends? Gardening or baking? We’ve all got hobbies that calm us and keep us happy. Find time to value them in your life.

    Now what stresses you? Getting stuck in traffic, a messy home, bills piling up or rude people? And how can you reduce them? Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of setting aside time, putting your favourite music on and working through your to-do list. At other times, you might need a lifestyle change to remove stress altogether.

Good luck in the quest for Calm energy. If you can find it you'll be full of vitality for life, as well as the envy of all your friends.

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  1. Great post. I never thought in terms of Calm energy, thanks for introducing me to the concept.