Monday, 18 April 2011


I’ll write it again and this time; what do you see? How do you read it? Which words stand out for you to create a sentence?


So what did you see?

Many studies have used the selection of letters above to find out about people’s personalities. 

There are actually three possible word combinations:

The first and second combinations are the most common and all are said to reveal something about your outlook on life. 

The first combination is said to be seen by individuals with a more pessimistic outlook on life (seeing the glass as half empty). By spotting that ‘opportunity is nowhere’ you’re revealing that you don’t believe there are any opportunities to be found in the world.

On the other hand, the second combination is said to be spotted by individuals with a more optimistic outlook on life (seeing the glass as half full). It’s an action-oriented phrase revealing that you believe there are opportunities all around, right here and now.

Finally, a very small handful of people see the third combination. And it usually reveals a unique, quirky character; the type of person who sees the world a little differently. So if you’re in that group then consider yourself one of the lucky few inspiring your own action in your own world. 

Now before I continue, I must qualify all this interest by saying that it’s by no means a rigorous, thorough or decisive test. In fact, it’s simply a fun way of exploring different attribution theories that people hold, and to highlight the different ways that people see the world. 

So, if you’re not happy with your lot, or don’t agree with the interpretation, then why not change it? It’s totally within your power to see the world in a different way. You just need to choose to. 

If you came out as a pessimist but fancy yourself more of an optimist, then why not spend the next month overemphasising your positive outlook? Find the best in any situation in order to keep things looking up. Why not go a step further and tell someone about your upbeat interpretations?

But don’t be put off by the word ‘pessimism’. Optimism has a huge range of benefits including feeling better, being more productive and progressing further in your career. But pessimism also has its perks; namely being realistic, with careful judgement and able to see the reality in situations rather than blindly hoping for the best. As always, a flexible balance will reap the best rewards.

Consider how you currently see the world. And how you’d like to. Then, write a list of next steps to help you achieve that look.

What do you see? A young lady turning her head away or an old woman looking down?


  1. Cool blog! Unraveling human behavior is my hobby...not that do much more than people watch! So glad to have found you on the A to Z challenge, and I'm your newest follower!