Saturday, 16 June 2012

Think like an MBAer

Without the huge cost and time investment. Sound good? I thought so too.

I’d always been intrigued by the idea of doing an MBA. I wasn’t brought up in a high-powered business family, in fact quite the opposite. I was brought up in an artsy, spiritual and soul-seeking environment. I was brought up in a way that was open, accepting, supportive, constantly loving and frankly, wonderful.

Then I landed my first job in the fast-paced, results-driven corporate world and I was hooked. Fascinated. Intrigued. And desperate to fly along with the fastest, highest top performers I could find.

Now I’m not saying that businesses can’t be supportive, loving and accepting.

Nor am I saying that a supportive environment at home can’t produce business tycoons of the future.

I’m simply sharing my roundabout route into the world of the MBA. As soon as I got the buzz for business, I wanted more. I felt like there were things I’d missed out on during my Psychology training that would benefit me in this corporate world. Surely everyone else had the answers I was desperately seeking? Was I on the outside looking in? Would MBA status get my foot through the door and give me an invite to the business-school-members-only club I was sure everyone else was a part of?

Well, no. In fact, if I’ve learnt anything in my career it’s that if you don’t have an answer, there are a million ways in today’s technological age that you can find it. Fast. It’s about being critical as well as creative; practical as well as pioneering. It’s about mindset and confidence rather than what the CV says.

So I decided to read around the subject. I decided to make the most of my time, freedom and love of reading to gain the insights that an MBA graduate gets, from the comfort of my own home.

Which led me to Nicholas Bate’s book, ‘Instant MBA’.

And there I found a kindred spirit, inspirational thinker and provocative writer that gave me just enough of the WHAT I wanted to know, with an awful lot more of the HOW I needed to be to get there.

I downloaded the book onto my iPad’s Kindle and within a few days, I’d devoured its contents, coming out of the other side feeling inspired, energised and hungry for more. Not a bad place for business.

Rather than drowning you in concepts and jargon, the book challenges you to think for yourself.

Rather than trying to impress you with technical speak or ‘Psychobabble’, the book provides common sense suggestions that force you to get off the sofa and act.

If you’ve ever thought about doing an MBA, wondered how to increase your business acumen, wished you could set up your own business or perform better at work, I implore you to read this book.

It might not change your world. But, I have no doubt it will motivate you to change it yourself. 

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